Why bamboo popular in 2022 and 2023 ?

Why bamboo popular in 2022 and 2023 ?

What is bamboo fiber?

Bamboo fiber is the fiber made of bamboo wood as raw material, there are two kinds of bamboo fiber: primary cellulose fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber. Primary cellulose that is the original bamboo fiber, bamboo regenerated cellulose fiber has bamboo pulp fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber.

Bamboo raw fiber is the natural fiber obtained by processing bamboo using physical methods for degumming. The production process is: bamboo material → bamboo chips → steaming bamboo chips → crushing decomposition → biological enzyme degumming → carding fiber → fiber for textile. The overall requirement for the process is high and difficult to mass produce, so the bamboo fiber woven products on the market are still mainly bamboo pulp fiber.

Bamboo pulp fiber is a chemical method to dissolve bamboo into viscose bamboo pulp made of pulp, in the spinning process made of fiber, mainly used in clothing, bedding. The common bamboo fiber products in bedding are: bamboo fiber mat, bamboo fiber summer quilt, bamboo fiber blanket, etc.

Bamboo charcoal fiber is made of bamboo into nano-level micro powder, through a special process into the viscose spinning solution, through the spinning process to produce fiber products, mostly used in underwear, socks, towels.


Bamboo fiber why popular?

1, comes with a cooling effect

The hot and sticky summer always makes people unconsciously seek to cool good things, and bamboo fiber happens to bring its own cooling effect.

Bamboo fiber is highly hollow, fiber gaps like capillaries all over the fiber surface, so it can instantly absorb a lot of water and evaporate it, 36 ℃, 100% relative humidity environment, bamboo fiber moisture recovery rate of up to 45%, breathability is 3.5 times the cotton, so moisture absorption and fast drying, comes with a cooling effect. (Data source: Global Textile Network)

In hot weather, when the skin is in contact with bamboo fiber fabric, the body temperature is 3~4℃ lower than the general cotton material, easy to sweat in summer can also keep dry for a long time, not sticky.


2、Not easy to mold, sticky, smelly

The most worrying thing in summer is the large amount of sweat adhering to the bedding, breeding bacteria, so that the bedding sticky, moldy, odor.

Bamboo fiber in addition to good moisture absorption and breathability to keep the fabric dry, containing the “bamboo Kun” component, also has a natural antibacterial, antibacterial properties, which can avoid the proliferation of bacteria, so that bamboo fiber fabrics even in the warm and humid summer is not moldy, not smelly, not sticky.