Why Bamboo T-Shirts?

Why Bamboo T-Shirts?

Why Bamboo T-Shirts?

Our bamboo t-shirts are made from 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex, which feel deliciously smooth on the skin and are great to wear again and again. Sustainable fabrics are better for you and the environment.

1. Incredibly soft and breathable Bamboo fabric
2. Oekotex Certified
3. Anti-bacterial and odor resistant
4. Environmentally friendly
5. Hypoallergenic and very suitable for sensitive skin.

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Also, we provide Bamboo-Cotton T-shirts, there are designed to become your favorite T-shirts right from day one! They’re breathable, offer odor control, and are designed to stay 2 degrees cooler than a 100% cotton t-shirt. Bamboo viscose is highly moisture absorbent, wicks faster dry quicker, and feels cool and smooth on the skin. When blended with organic cotton, they offer unparalleled durability. These will be the most comfortable tees you’ll ever wear.


What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Fabric?

Comfortable and Soft
If you think nothing can compare to the softness and comfort offered by cotton fabric, think again. Organic bamboo fibers are not treated with harmful chemical processes, so they are smoother and do not have the same sharp edges that some fibers have. Most bamboo fabrics are made from a combination of bamboo viscose rayon fibers and organic cotton in order to achieve the superior softness and high-quality feel that leaves bamboo fabrics feeling softer than silk and cashmere.


Moisture Wicking
Unlike most performance fabrics, like spandex or polyester fabric that are synthetic and have chemicals applied to them in order to make them moisture-wicking, bamboo fibers are naturally moisture-wicking. This is because the natural bamboo plant typically grows in hot, humid environments, and the bamboo is absorbent enough to soak up moisture to allow it to grow quickly. Bamboo grass is the fastest growing plant in the world, growing up to one foot every 24 hours, and this is partially due to its ability to use the moisture in the air and ground. When used in fabric, bamboo naturally wicks away moisture from the body, keeping sweat off your skin and helping you stay cool and dry. Bamboo textile also dries very quickly, so you don’t have to worry about sitting around in a wet shirt soaked in sweat after your workout.


Odor Resistant
If you’ve ever owned any activewear made from synthetic materials, you know that after a while, no matter how well you wash it, it tends to trap the stench of sweat. That’s because synthetic materials aren’t naturally odor-resistant, and the harmful chemicals that are sprayed onto the raw material to help it wick away moisture eventually cause odors to become trapped in the fibers. Bamboo has antibacterial properties, which means it resists the growth of bacteria and fungus that can nest in the fibers and cause odor over time. Synthetic activewear may be sprayed with chemical treatments designed to make them odor resistant, but the chemicals can cause allergic reactions and are especially problematic for sensitive skin, not to mention bad for the environment. Bamboo clothing resists odors naturally making it better than cotton jersey materials and other linen fabrics that you often see in workout gear.


People with sensitive skin or who are prone to allergic reactions from certain types of fabrics and chemicals will find relief with organic bamboo fabric, which is naturally hypoallergenic. Bamboo does not have to be treated with chemical finishes to obtain any of the performance qualities that make it such an excellent material for activewear, so it is safe for even the most sensitive skin types.


Natural Sun Protection
Most clothing that offers Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) protection against the sun’s rays is made that way by, you guessed it, chemical finishes and sprays that are not only bad for the environment but also likely to cause skin irritation. They also don’t work very well after a few washes! Bamboo linen fabric provides natural sun protection thanks to the makeup of its fibers, which block 98 percent of the sun’s UV rays. Bamboo fabric has a UPF rating of 50+, which means that you’ll be protected against the sun’s dangerous rays in all the areas that your clothing covers. No matter how good you are about applying sunscreen when you go outside, a little extra protection is always nice to have.

Post time: Feb-21-2022